V2 Released and information

Hello, Everyone. As we present u the V2 Of
Papa's Blaine County: Roleplay | Community Server™

Here are some things we will need to talk abt during V2 Development.

Buildings and Roads

Buildings As everyone knows the Buildings will be on fire and FD will have a working hose (Depending if roblox stupid updates don’t ruin it)

Roads Roads will have a texture to them so BCSO Blaine County Sheriff's office LSPD Los Santos Police Department SASP San Andreas State Police will have have Districts. (ONLY WAY TO GET OUT OF UR DISTRICT IS IF UR IN A 10-80)

Departments And Vehicles

Departments Each Department have Will have one rule from now on, If u abuse your LEO or FD perms u will be placed UI and will have to wait until the IA(s) Have told u what u are or aren’t being punished for.

Vehicles No Department head will have a personal car UNLESS you’re a staff member.

Staff Cars/Rules

ALL Staff cars will have a green lights, BUT U will need to pull over even if you’re a LEO or FD.

Information on V2

V2 Will be a big map so If you don’t have a 10/10 working gaming computer u might lag, All teams BESIDES SASP, SWAT AND BVFD are open too the public, BCSO Will be open to the public BUT u still need to train.

Added into V2 as of 4/15/2021

LSPD Station WITH Cars.
BVFD With Cars, Uniforms will be added when the Chief gets on.
BCSO Will be on the dirt roads.
SASP Will near Chase.

Citizen Cars
Chase Bank
Tesla Chargers
Temporarily Team Changer
Tools for LEO and FD.

Adding a In game CAD
Adding in better gas and team changer scripts.
Adding a Boat and Bridge near the lake
Adding a Search and Rescue vehicles
Adding Car on Fire Scripts. (When u hit a pole at 100 MPH+ It will explode or just catch on fire)

NOTE: ANY BUGS FROM V2 GO TO #tickets and Tell us what needs to be fixed.

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