Valorant Ghost recreation!

I love Valorant and I decided to recreate one of the guns! Down below is the ghost!
Screenshot 2020-12-16 183251

And… here is mine

Yes I know it sucks, but I want to improve, what can I do? I’m pretty new to Blender, so I would like feedback that does not include complicated Blender vocabulary! :smiley:


That looks CLEAN! Love it! Good job!
Also, considering you are new to blender, man, that’s really well done! :slight_smile:

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It does not suck. Looks awesome, actually! Try following a YouTube tutorial, and script it by following said tutorial. I wanna see this bad boy in action! Whew!


Can you show us a size view of the gun? Its kinda hard to see it because of the shadow.

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Use a bevel to make it look more authentic.

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wooooah that looks crazy. Good job. A recreation of valorant would be amazing.

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It’s actually quite well made!

Some small notes:

  • If possible try to add the little details of the pistol, it’ll help make it look more complete.

  • For any spots that you want rounded try putting a small bevel on it and then add a subsurf modifier.

Also, from the angle it’s at in your photo I can’t tell, but is it textured or no?

But over all it’s very well made coming from a beginner modeler! Very good job!

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Very nice! Maybe add some bevels to make it more rounded?

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Its actually really good if u are pretty new to blender, Good job!

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