Value displays wrong value for some reason

Hey, so I’m making this thing yeah and basically, the VALUE shows the correct amount, but it outputs a different amount for some reason.


game.ReplicatedStorage.purchasedEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, downloadLink)
	local data = {
		["content"] = "giveproduct "..plr.discordID.Value.." "..downloadLink
	local finalData = httpService:JSONEncode(data)
	httpService:PostAsync(webhookURL, finalData)

What is outputted, but the value is “967830026030551040”:

Does anyone know why it does this?

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where’s the print call in the script
Make Sure you are not changing the value else where

Roblox ends up sort of “rounding” big numbers and makes it a different number than what it actually is.

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Thanks for this, I decided to use the original TextBox text instead of the discordID value.

Well, instead of using it as a numbervalue, you could use a string value and it would fix the problem. discord id’s are strings anyways