Value Names not printing correctly

title describes it

-- Script 1
local ValueNew ="StringValue",game.ReplicatedStorage.Stored)
ValueNew.Name = "103"
ValueNew.Value = "Unknown"
local ValueOld ="StringValue",game.ReplicatedStorage.Stored)
ValueOld.Name = "104"
ValueOld.Value = "Unknown"
-- Script 2
local Folder = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Stored")
for _,v in next, Folder:GetChildren() do


Console: Printed "Value" and "Value"

I don't know what I did wrong

i tried using all types of tables, still wont work

I just tested your scripts, and everything works as it’s supposed to.
Console Printed: 103 and 104

Using the second argument of is not recommended and using .Parent is better. There was problems that the parent was getting changed before the other properties (or something like that) were changed which seems to be your issue. Set .Parent after the name and value.