Value Not Changing

Hello. Im planning on releasing a update to my game in 4 hours that has been waited for the past couple days. And im setting a value but its not being changed?
There are no errors in the output and the number prints.

local plrcash = plr.Cash
local value = plrcash.Value + (cash.Value * model:WaitForChild("Stats").Multi.Value) * 1.08^math.clamp(plr.leaderstats.Prestige.Value, 1, 2500)
plrcash.Value = value

Yes I did make a variable of the cash.
Edit: also if I didnt it would print in the output. :confused:

Well, sadly probably not. The game has 25000+ lines of code in it soo.

Tell us the current value and the value that is supposed to have

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0 and anywhere from 2 to 1e+350

0 + (some numbers)
try to print the (some numbers)
and see if it actually prints number other than 0
maybe u are multiplying (0 * 29329320) or something
the conclusion is, print the (some numbers)

Yeah. The print is printing the correct answer ie. 1e+143

Are you doing this on the server?

You bet.


They are number values as number values support much higher numbers. Also I guess I should note this works 9/10 times

Are you sure it is Server Script?

If it works 9/10 times, it could possibly be that the model doesn’t exist in the 1/10 of a time?

well if its printing the number that means it exists

Did you try using
plr.Cash.Value = value
instead of
plrcash.Value = value

No as this is the exact same thing

he notes, it works 9/10 with that scripting

Do you have any error logs for when you run that code?

There are no errors in the output

My bad, I should have read the thread thoroughly.

Can I know what the value actually is?