Valuing these GFX sky scrappers

Hello everyone! I’ve recently decided to ramp up my GFX rendering skills and was wondering how much you would think these would value in terms of Robux. Yes I’m aware that these aren’t perfect but I’m slowley progressing, potentialy showcasing even better art in future posts on the Dev forums.

  • 0-200 Robux
  • 201-400 Robux
  • 401-800 Robux
  • 800+ Robux

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You may outline any improvements I can apply to further develop my rendering skills, however this post is mainly directed on gathering results. But I still appreciate feedback :+1:


Just An Advice:

That is simple Photoshoping though, you will have to improve a lot of you want to get above 800 Robux.

Thank you for pointing this :slight_smile:

There was probably no need in adding that option but I would like to achieve a value or greater of 800 Robux some day

I would really recommend trying your best to improve your rendering skills, If you manage to get your renders to look good in terms of lighting, quality, and materials, this would look a lot better and the price could be even higher! depending on the programme you use I would look up some tutorials on how to improve your rendering skills, while also looking up tutorials for editing skills too, but overall these are looking really nice and keep on improving!

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RENDER I highly suggest looking into using HDRI for Cycles Render, IF you’re using Blender. It really makes the biggest difference.

LIGHTING I think the lighting could be improved. If you’re adding a white gradient, I suggest adding a bit of black to the areas there’s no light.

FONT I think your fonts could use a bit of work. Try looking for other fonts that will fit the overall theme of your design, like using SW inspired font for a SW ad. Not the biggest fan of the hexagonal texture, but I do like the fact that you use shadows.

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