Vampire Hunters 2 maps needed! {Rewards}

Vampire Hunters 2 is getting closer to release, and I hope for it to be much better than the first one. This sequel is more professional and better-made than the first, so decent (but not super elite builders of ROBLOX) quality maps are encouraged! (More detailed than VH1 maps, less or as detailed maps featured in Twisted Murderer would be optimum)

Maps can be any kind of theme, but they should be semi-realistic. Keep in mind that this is a soft horror game, so no candy unicorn butterfly land (sorry!).

Map ideas:
[li]A house / mansion[/li]
[li]A haunted lab[/li]
[li]A mine[/li]
[li]A spooky forest within a maze of valleys[/li]

The map can be any size between 200 studs - 600 studs, but aim to keep most of the areas inside. If the areas are not inside, make sure things like boulders and trees obscure the vision. This is not a must though, you can add a few areas that are open such as mini fields and empty rooms.

Hiding places! Lots of them! For example: a mini crevice in the wall of a cliff, a wardrobe that players can open doors and hide in, bushes that players can walk through, a boiler/closet room and so on. Not too many, or the vampire would not be able to find everyone in time.

Don’t have lots of long corridors, walking for a long time can get a little boring. Place doors half way through, or make it turn off to the left/right and take another path. Maps need to be decently interesting.

[spoiler=Good example of what I mean]

Rewards (inclusive):
[li]1,000,000 in game credits (which is like, a lot of hats and abilities.)[/li]
[li]You get any free hat, gear or watevs (even if it doesn’t exist and isn’t too crazy, I can add it)[/li]
[li]12,000 R$ after tax [sub]-17,143 before-[/sub] (I don’t have enough for multiple people atm, so I will pay back as soon as possible when I can afford it. Robux will be awarded in order of who finished what first.)[/li]

There is no set time frame, but within the next two weeks is good. You can still provide maps after release however, as I will keep adding content. If you have got one, send me a PM (ON RBXDEV) and then post the file in a reply this thread :D. Thanks!

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