Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio

They’re not hidden anymore! :blush::blush:

Hi! I was interested if is there any progress of the licensing part. I would like to use your icons in my editor as well as in MKDocs.

New icons for the Intersect CSG operation got added, are you going to update this pack for this?

Quick question. On my other computer these icons look amazing, however on my other computer, the one im on right now, the icons are very pixelated. Is this something on my end or how can i get them unpixelated ?

They don’t look pixelated in the image. Images are made of pixels after all. Maybe you could show a high-quality close up?

these are the only ones i found pixelated


Might be monitor issue then idk they all look pixelated for me on my laptop im on currently but my other computer theyre fine. Mightve been a bug lol not sure

I had this same issue. The way I ended up solving it was by going through the files and deleting all of the files that were not the highest quality, as there are three quality levels that can be used.

After all of these almost 2 years of me using this pack, gave what i could to support you, even if it is through Itch, thanks :smiley:


I noticed something off with the binoculars in one of the icons

so I modified it to make it more accurate, I suggest cutting the half and mirroring the other half


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Thanks - I’ve taken a look at the project files and noticed it’s uneven there. I’ve adjusted it so whenever I decide to do another icon pack update, it’ll be included among the changes.


I have to admit - I love these! It looks so clean and slick, and the detail and care taken into these is amazing.

I am surprised you even thought of letting people use this pack for free!

But the icon for DragDetector looks out of place