Vapor wave scene using PBR

So i wanted to mess around with the pbr feature to see how effective it is. i wanted to do something vapor wave styled but with a good pbr ground that focuses on dynamic reflections. the texture was directly made on the default roblox baseplate map. i exported the baseplate. did the texturing. then imported it back.
despite the fact that the texture size limits is ruining the effect a little bit. it still looks really good and the roughness/metalness maps are reflecting correctly.


This is very nice, I love the effects you used too make it more like space or some what futuristic. Very nice piece.

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Thank you !

30 characters ???

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This is exactly why PBR’s are the future of Roblox. This scene looks very well made if you were to compare it to a scene without any PBR.

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it sure is. future lightning technology and surface appearance combined is taking roblox to a whole new level. if displacement map gets added. expect a rainbow six siege recreation

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The effect looks amazing. I looks futuristic and realistic.

That looks super professional and realistic. I like it! Keep up the good work. :+1:

I love this scene you should have it so when they join the game it only shows one camera view to show the best scene of the game.