Variables should be able to be renamed like other IDEs

Unfortunatly I do not have access to the studio features category so I will have to post this in Scripting Suport. It would be awesome to see roblox add a feautre so you can select a variable and change it’s name which will result in that every other variable that is referancing the same value also get their name changed. This feature exists in tons of other IDEs such as Pycharm and VS Studio Code. I would love to see roblox adding this feature. What are your opinions and thoughts about this feature?


you can use the builtin search and replace tool (CTRL + H) to replace variable names.


What?! When did this feature been invented. I’ve been using roblox studio for almost 2.5 years and I’ve never heard of this feature and I’ve been searching to see if they even had this feature. This comment was a big help

This does not work for all scripts at the same time though. A refactor option would be nice to have either way.

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Would be an interesting feature to see. A plugin could probably be made to do that.