Variety of issues in Private Servers for Classroom Use article

Link to article:

  • At the bottom of the page, there’s a brief list of games that offer private servers, however it lists Welcome to Bloxburg which is paid acecss and therefore unable to have private servers.

  • Any references to VIP Servers should be updated to reference Private Servers, as it’s confusing as only half the page does currently.

It’s probably because you clicked the wrong part. It may have redirected you to the parents page when you meant to click something else. Im not sure if its you, but it may not be an issue with this. You need to pay access to a robux game and then you can make private servers. Since Bloxburg is paid for and doesn’t have private servers then that means you cannot create them.

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It probably isn’t. If you go to the page mothmage linked you can try this out for yourself in less time than it takes to reply.

Paid access games don’t allow private servers, even after paying.

Isn’t that exactly what mothmage just said, and supporting why it shouldn’t be on that list?

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Howdy mothmage! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. That page is actually for our Education website and is being taken off the Devhub.


This seems like it might’ve fallen through the cracks, this page is still on the Developer Hub and includes all of the problems I noted in the original post.


I’ll take a look at it today and try and fix these issues. Thanks for pinging this again!.