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About Me

Hello! I am varinted, feel free to call me Mac. I am a builder that specialized on Low Poly and Roleplay game. I’ve been developing for 1 year now. More informations are provided below.


Low Poly Builds

-CAFE - Roblox


-mocha cafe - Roblox

-trampoline park - Roblox

-simulator lobby - Roblox

Realistic Builds



-room showcase - Roblox

-weirdcore/dreamcore showcase - Roblox

Other than that, feel free to visit my profile to see more games!


I am available up to 3 hours on the weekends, and 2 hours on the weekdays. Keep in mind that I could be unavailable on weekdays due to school.


Prices are negotiable, it depends on how large and complex your builds is. I only accept robux as the payments. You should pay me either via group payouts or gamepasses with a tax.


  • Keep in mind that I am not a scripter, which means I could only build a map without any scripts.
  • I am a short term builder, meaning that I won’t take a commisions that need months or even a years to get finsihed. I only take a long-terms job if the payment is worth it.


The most effective way to contact me is on Discord, my Discord username is m33k_.

Thank you for reading my portofolios! :smiley:


Why would you put this up and say you’re not for hire???

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Apologise, it was a mistakes, I am new to DevForum.

Whats wrong with people saying they are not for hire? Creating a portfolio doesn’t mean you have to be for hire. Lots of people create portfolios for the future when they might decide to open commissions.

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Exactly, it’s to get your name out there, and people may be waiting for someone to open their commissions to hire them because they’ve seen their work here.

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You should do it when you’re looking to be hired, there is no point of wasting peoples time just because you want to be seen. But we are all different and theres nothing wrong with it. This is just a suggestion not a requirement. I was asking him, that’s all, I didn’t say theres nothing wrong with it.

No, no. If you where ever looking to be hired you would have it up. When you are not for hire there is no point of taking it down. Thats a lot of work.

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