Various Military Ordnance - 3D Models

A few military (and not-so military) equipment pieces I’ve modeled over the last few months.

The ballistic shield was inspired by Modern Warfare’s own riot shield design. Manufactured by Ridgeline Armaments, based out of Amarillo.

The M84 Stun Grenade is the most recent out of all of these and a recreation/remaster of one of my wayyy older models. The circular safety pin was done with a screw curve and the triangular pin was made similarly, but with fewer vertices to work with as to make the shape more angular.

The Molotov is the most rudimentary of the four and used some techniques I haven’t utilized before making it. The bottle was made with a simple Subdivision Surface modifier, and the rags sticking out of the bottle were made with cloth simulations and a few vertex pins. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

If the C4 model gives you Rainbow Six vibes, I wouldn’t blame you. Pretty much the most powerful of the four here, with enough plastic explosive to overturn any MRAP. (This claim is unproven)

Jokingness aside, these models are some of my more “creative” ones, with a little bit of absurdity especially in the Molotov and C4. I’ll probably make some more grenades soon to complete the arsenal. (HE, Decoy, Semtex, etc.)

Always looking for feedback and ideas!


Looks amazing! The only thing I would change is the brightness of the device screen, as you can not read the text very well.

May I know how many tris these models have? If you don’t mind me asking of course.

they look amazing i love them!

Excellent work. All of the models look great.

Good point. I turned down the brightness from an even higher value to take that screenshot but I should probably make it even darker.