Various Music Projects I've Worked On

Here are a few musical projects I’ve worked on as an orchestral composer in the past few years:

Final movement of my cantata, “A Universal Question”: Physical_History.mp3 - Google Drive

  • The piece was, obviously, inspired by space. This specific movement involves questioning the placement of humankind within our universe, whereas the previous four movements are direct representation of phenomena in space. I consider it to be my best work.

Requiem Parvus (Little Requiem): Requiem Parvus- for the World.mp3 - Google Drive

  • This piece was written as a sort of didactic yet intimate piece about the individual’s loss due to the Coronavirus. Its ~15 minutes long and is by far my most emotional piece to date.

Tone Poem based on the painting “Ship in a Stormy Seas” by Ivan Aivazovsky: ship_in_a_stormy_seas_ycc.mp3 - Google Drive

  • This piece was made for and submitted to the Young Composers Challenge, in which I was a finalist in 2019. Much simpler harmonically, but it is quicker and made just for full orchestra, unlike the previous two pieces.

These are three of my more recent pieces, but I have many others: a ~38 minute symphony, a couple shorter and smaller ensemble pieces, and a horn concerto. If you like my work, let me know! It helps me know where I place among my peers. Also, if you need a composer for your game, I got you :wink:


I really love the build up that happens in the Universal Question! Did you get inspiration from Charles Ives “The Unanswered Question” by any chance?

Requiem Parvus truly is a really beautiful piece and the inspiration behind the song is truly inspiring. You may want to watch out for clipping towards the end with the massive build up though, I am sure it can be easily fixed though.

The Ship in a Storm Seas really conveys the endless sailing feeling well. As we all have different views on paintings I feel as though the song starts off rather bright for the picture, but I guess you can make a case and say it’s happy before the storm occurs as the song progresses into where the painting captures the storm.

Overall all the pieces have their own unique styles which makes it a real joy to listen to each one. Good luck with your other compositions!


Appreciate the feedback! And Charles Ives was in mind for part of it, but his work didn’t serve as chief inspiration, though.