Various original maps for sale!


Hello all, I’m DreadNautical, a builder looking to sell various maps I have made in the past.

I am open to negotiate all pricings listed on the maps below, however I only accept Robux or USD:

For the fastest reply, please contact me on discord at DreadNautical#7764

"Void" - 15k Robux or 52.5 USD

Void was originally meant to serve as a medium sized map for a sci-fi FPS game which was specifically made to incorporate futuristic physics such as wall-running, and jet pack use. This will help explain why some areas cannot evidently be crossed without using such methods. Its setting is based as an underground research facility that was destroyed by an earthquake. It is also strategically balanced with choke points, areas that players can use to flank, and other aspects of successful strategic map design. The map is littered with props players can use for cover, hiding spots, and various interior designs. It would serve as a great asset of any round based FPS, hide-and-seek, or fighting game.

German Border - 23k or 80 USD

German Border was originally meant to serve as a border admission roleplay kind of game, with the setting of a snowy militarized area during WWII. It includes combining part-based terrain with extensive foliage to give the terrain a realistic feel, provide players with obstacles and places to explore, as well as create strategically positioned areas for the defenders to patrol. The map includes a small, civilian village in which new players spawn. The map also features various assets such as trenches that are camouflaged with the ground, a sentry booth that players can interact with, and more. The militarized German camp includes various accessible buildings and a distinct style of detailed architecture.

Venice Showcase - 30k or 105 USD

Venice Showcase was originally meant to be a building showcase of mine, which I later realized I wanted to sell. It takes place in (you guessed it) a semi-futuristic version of the preservation of the city Venice, which is surrounded by a wall. It offers a medium sized map which players can explore and enter some buildings, and an impressive architectural style.

Winter Business Mall - 18k or 63 USD

Winter Business Mall is a project I had started years ago (please don’t judge my lack of building skills back then too hard) which I had envisioned to be a kind of business hub for clothing groups and war clans. It entailed selling ‘offices / stores’ to these group, giving them the dimensions of the office they were expected to build, and then sending me their submission to be approved and then permanently added to the mall for their use. I am placing a lot of emphasis on the overall structure of the build rather than it’s interior contents, which are rather open and bland, and can easily be replaced.


Do you have Void uploaded to the site? I’d like to take a look around and check out how big it is.

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Thank you for pointing that out, I’ll be adding the links to each map under its respective title now.


Hello @DreadNautical! I like your maps, but I’m wondering if you have any smaller, cheaper ones. I’m not saying your pricing it too high, but I am making a Mini-game type game and it needs a good map that has a little less detail though.

Edit: Do you have any “Mobile Friendly” maps? I played German Border on a tablet and it took me 1 minute to move 10 studs.


If I did have other maps for sale, I would’ve added them here. The other content I have is either unfinished or too large, or I am simply unwilling to sell it. To address your other question, no, I do not make small maps simply to address the needs of the small mobile population. Or rather, I have never received such a request and therefore have not made any.


Hi, @DreadNautical I’m currently confused. I’m hiring map builders for one of my games and someone came to me on Discord that they are interested. They showed a picture of your map:
Did you steal the Void map, or did you make. it yourself. He claimed that he created it when I asked for some maps he created. I’m confused if you created it, or he did?


Thieves are easier to spot than you would’ve thought, simply just compare the recently updated place dates to identify the original.

Look for these additional signs:

  • Excuses as to why they can’t link the game.
  • Refusing to link the game.
  • Random outbursts of anger when questioned
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Sorry for responding to this so late.

I’m glad you brought this to my attention. To the extent of my knowledge, this is the first time a scammer has claimed my work as their own lol.

To answer your question, yes, all of the maps pictured above are mine and completely original. To prove this, consider the following:

  1. For the past few years, I’ve used a strategy to conserve my credit by naming literally every part with my username, just incase it gets leaked.
  2. These screenshots I have, of the map before it was completed: (Consider the date these pictures were taken)
Void before completion

  1. I have never given anyone access to the game, so if you were to ask that person for a new photo from a different angle, they would be unable to give you one, whereas I can (because I am the original creator :slight_smile: )

If all that doesn’t prove that these maps are in fact mine, I don’t know what will.

Would you mind adding me on discord (DreadNautical#7764) and giving me this person’s contact? I’d love to have a word with them.

I’d also be interested in discussing being a map builder for your game if you are still interested.


He didn’t show me the game, he showed me pictures of his “Creation”.

@DreadNautical Thank you for the response.

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