Varjoy | Lua Programmer, Builder, User Interface Designer, Graphic Designer

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Sent a friend request on Discord, hoping we can work together! :slight_smile:

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Hey man! If you could add me on discord at @ xYu_mmy#7716 our budget for our new project is 400k, thanks!

I think you didn’t friended me, retry varjoy#4366 @ShadowOblivionX

Hello everyone!
Still open for commisions.

Hello everyone!
Still open for commisions.

I would suggest you list prices for your builds in your portfolio. It could help get people who want to hire you what they will have to pay. Like for example maybe list the price in robux if someone wanted you to build that house or store. You could also list the prices for the scripts maybe too. I would additionally link script showcase games. Like maybe you could make a game that incorporates some of the advanced things you know! Great portfolio however, if i needed a dev i would probably hire you!

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The price is absolubtly negociable/adaptable for your needs, but, obviously, it’s not ‘free’, it’s a fair enough price according for what you ask for.
Just depends on difficulty

i know i just when i see these portfolios and they dont list prices it can throw me off. I mean like say what a price could be for some of the buildings you made and scripts you coded. purely for example (no im not claiming your work as my own)image
This build would be 500 robux but would be negotiable to 200.

What do you mean with that?

The buildings you built look exactly like the ones down the street from where i live so creepy

Sent a friend request on discord, I’m gloows#5680!

Looking forward to work together!

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Hired him for a recent project and payed him over 1K USD for a decently big project. Would hire him again. Great guy!