vascuIature | Builder

About me!

Hello! I’m Yuri, a developer on the Roblox Platform who specializes in architectural work, environmental scenes, and maps. I have worked for a variety of games & groups throughout my career ever since 2017- yet currently on the path to becoming a full-time game developer in the forthcoming future. I am experienced in Roblox Studio, and a little bit of Blender.

My Experience!

I use Roblox Studio and Blender for all of my work. After years of work through the ups and down I finally figured out my style and I can say I’m decently good at what I do. As stated above I have been commissioned by major groups, and games as well as working under the Youtuber ‘SubZeroExtabyte’.

Here are a few notable groups/games that I have been commissioned for:
Funky Friday

and of course, much smaller groups.

My Portfolio!

If you’re not in my commissions’ server or a follower of my Twitter, here is some of my best work I’ve made, and of course there is more.

⭐ Roblox Featured
Posted on their instagram as well.

Of course more photos will be added/changed, over time.

My Availability!

On weekdays I am available pretty much anytime past 2 PM EST.
I however am not available on weekends due to my job in real life.
(There may be occasions where I am available on weekends.)

Please do take notice that I do have a life, and I don’t live on a PC.

Methods of Payment!

At the current moment, I am only taking commissions for USD only.
(Robux may be taken into consideration.)

My builds do start from $50 USD.

• Smalls $50-$125
• Mediums $125-$225
• Larges $225-350

Anything over a large will be discussed.

Contact Me!

Contact me on Discord @ my dad is gon#0132, or on Twitter.


I recommend vasculature. He is extremely extremely in building and will ensure that your building will be immaculate and outstanding. Although the prices are high, it is worth it at the end of the day. Vasculature is just the person you need if you want a building.

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I’m interested in commissioning you for an upcoming Cafe build me and my team are working on. It is a quite of bit of detail so I’d consider it a large!

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