Vault Glider Wings aren't positioned correctly, floating in the air

The new Vault Glider Wings are inconsistent with all of the other wings that share the same mesh. It’s a very subtle detail to some, but the wings don’t actually connect to your avatar, and instead float behind them. Not sure if this is intentional behavior, like to make it fit with some Hunt accessory, but it doesn’t seem like that would the case, unlike the Vault Commando.

Old Glory Wings, Vault Glider Wings
image image

Both of the wings together

Expected behavior

I expect the Vault Glider Wings to be nudged inside of the Torso slightly - the positioning already feels okay.


This is also something I noticed, and now I just can’t unsee it. It bothers me every time I see the item. Hope it’s fixed.

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Adding to this, the thumbnail for the Vault Glider Wings should be fixed aswell.
image Vault Glider Wings
image Old Glory Wings

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and will update you as soon as we have news!

Thanks for flagging!

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The Hunt hoods don’t fit either, they are positioned incorrectly.