VC CoreGui Showing Double on The New Chat System

If you join any game on roblox right now with VC enabled and has the new chat system, then it will display the yellow beta icon twice.


I can’t seem to reproduce this.

I haven’t gotten this bug, even with the chat icon disabled like in your image. Do both buttons work?

The chat icon works but i have to open up the menu to see the chat icon.

My best guess on why I can see it but you can’t, might be the result of certain downloaded versions of roblox that conflicts with the new one. But i am not sure about that. It could also be a cache problem.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

I have had this issue since the release of the new UI, some things to note:

  • This only occurs in a live game server, not Studio
  • This only occurs when the collapsible menu is closed