VC Working on Mobile but not PC

My Voicechat was fine around 5 days ago and functioned as normal. But Now I have the red triangle symbol next to my mic and when I click it it says “Voice is Still Connecting.” My microphone is connected correctly too. Also I cant see or hear anyone elses vc. I’ve tried different ways to fix this but they have not worked. If anyone knows a fix please respond!



Facing the same problem on my new account.


This was happening to me when my Wifi would have a small problem- I just clicked the icon above my avatar’s head. It would turn grey, then I’d click again and it’d go back to normal.

I’m not too sure about the hearing other’s voices since when my VC had problems nobody else in the server had VC. Hope this straightens out for you and the other commentor :doh:


Been having the same issue on my old account. The account was previously enrolled in the developer beta for spatial chat and I never had to verify my age to use voice chat, so I assumed that Roblox might have updated their policy and after verifying my age, the problem wasn’t solved.

Some troubleshooting steps I’ve tried:

  1. Using Incognito to log in and play Roblox
  2. Logging out and back in the Roblox Desktop app
  3. Using a different desktop
  4. Using a different browser on the same pc
  5. Reinstalling Roblox

When I tried using a different account with vc on the same pc, it worked for that account, but still not my main account. Playing Roblox on the phone though, it seems to work fine.


I found a temporary fix - using an VPN. After using a desktop VPN app, I was able to use Voice chat perfectly fine.


Tried all of these, didn’t work


Update: Vc works on mobile. But still doesn’t work on pc.


I did this and it worked , Which made me believe it had something to do with my ISP . I thought that until I went on my other account with VC and it worked perfectly fine (without a VPN) . Maybe it’s just an account issue :face_with_monocle:


Thankfully out of nowhere it has fixed itself.


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