[VE] Official Departments


These are all the current official departments of Veloxic Empire. Descriptions and Guides of each should be made and provided for reference. Each officer in Veloxic Empire has an opportunity to be serve under a department. There may only be two officers assigned to a department at one time.

Department of Progression

  • Synision
  • Raveriuss
    Department of Clan Relations
  • hul553
    Department of Community and Events
  • iMadSkillzz
    Department of Divisions
  • destroyercoolmanpro
  • UprisenAim
    Department of Development and Technology
  • CrushingDev


The promotion of each rank within Veloxic Empire should be monitored intensely. More specifically, how E1-E9 obtain higher ranks, how high rank prospects are trained accordingly, and how high ranks progress further in the ranks. There should be a guide for all three of these available. All of these should be appropriately running at all times. Failure for any of these to remain functioning is detrimental to activity, and may result in termination of one’s rank as department chair. As a result of their position, the chair of the progression department is also responsible for setting the precedent for how trainings should be hosted.

Rank manual: N/A
Academy manual: https://goo.gl/jLFVEv
Training handbook: [ Content Deleted ]
Shout tags: https://goo.gl/TT2KQ8


Choosing the right clan to have a war with is essential in the governing of any clan, in terms politically and also skill. A guide for how to conduct warfare within Veloxic Empire should be available not only for reference of High Ranks, but also for other clans to observe. Alliances of Veloxic Empire should regularly have joint events. This is important for if we ever need aid during a defense or attack, but also it builds relationships within the clan community. A Veloxic Empire alliance guide should be available for reference.

Warfare Guide: N/A
Alliances guide: N/A
Example of war terms: [ Content Deleted ]


Part of being on ROBLOX is to play games and have fun. This should be extended to Veloxic Empire, as we are more than just a military clan. Events should be held to encourage activity and community building. Examples include Promotion and Demotions depending on Quota completion, internal tournaments, and discord events. The quality of the Discord channel must also be upheld in a correct manner. A guide for what events to hold, as well as how often should be available both for members to reference.

Community Events guide: N/A
[ Content Deleted ]
Quota Expectations: N/A
Quota Results: N/A


Divisions within the Veloxic Empire should serve as a means to diversify what Veloxic Empire has to offer. Between specializing in a specific weapon set, or having a sub-community, there shouldn’t be limitations on what divisions there can be. Department of Divisions is responsible for overseeing that each division is both relevant and being run appropriately, and that there are enough divisions to satisfy the current needs of Veloxic Empire. A guide to each division should be offered so that each member is aware both of the rules in each division, and what the division offers. There should also be a general guide that all divisions must follow, and an up-to-date list of all the available divisions.

Division Reference Guide: N/A
Current Divisions: N/A


Having up to date technology, as well as functioning games for Veloxic Empire is not only a key aspect and quality of Veloxic Empire, but also something that we take pride in. Ease of hosting, quality of gameplay, and a broad set of choices are what lead to expansion. Ensuring that Veloxic Empire has a Training Center and a Standard Clan Fort are key. A reference and/or means to get to all of Veloxic Empire official places should be available so that members can easily access them.

All development logs can be accessed in the “dev_news” channel in the discord

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