Vector3 ghost method?

Hello guys! I was searching through the documentation of the Vector3 datatype and I found this:

However, when I tried to search for it, I couldn’t find it anywhere. --Errors since it is unexistant
Vector3:Angle() --Errors since it is unexistant

Where is this method? If it doesn’t exist then why is it mentioned in the documentation? Any help is appreciated!

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It’s probably just a method they’re planning to add and haven’t yet.

It seems to be functionally equivalent to this stackoverflow method:

local function Angle(v1: Vector3, v2: Vector3, axis: Vector3?)
    if not axis then return math.acos(v1.Unit:Dot(v2.Unit)) end
    return math.atan2(v1:Cross(v2):Dot(axis.Unit), v1:Dot(v2))

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that method I just believe the stackoverflow answer :slight_smile: