Vehicle Collision Force

I am working on a vehicle collision system but found there seems to be no event of function for determining the actual impact strength of a collision. The touched event is practically useless because two cars ramming each other head on will return the exact same information as a car lightly tapping the bumper of another. Is there any ideal way of determining impact? Every solution I can think of has tons of edge cases as to why it won’t work:

Subtracting the velocities of the two touched parts doesn’t work because it will fail in the case of a car scraping against an anchored wall

I’m baffled that such a simple thing doesn’t seem to be included anywhere in the engine, especially considering how they used to love showing off their physics stuff in the old Roblox trailers. If anyone knows how to do this properly somehow I would be interested in knowing how because right now my vehicle system is suffering because of poorly detected ‘crashes’ between vehicles.

You could try using GetVelocityAtPosition when the touched event is fired. Then you could check the x value and check if the collision is too light, just right, or too strong.

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I would suggest calculating the force of how fast is a car driving with their mass to get a result for the other car to have a certain collision force implemented on them.