Vehicle Mechanics w/ Body Movers

My goal is to properly emulate vehicle acceleration and braking using body movers. The only issue is I can’t exactly wrap my head around how. I mean I can make the car move with no issue but properly making it accelerate realistically and braking is the problem I can;t seem to solve.

I’m also not entirely sure as to what bodymover would be based suited for a car chassis. Right now I have deemed BodyThrust my best option.

Any insight that would help me in achieving my goal would be greatly appreciated

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If you want the vehicle to move I would highly suggest just rolling the wheels and using actual wheel physics to push it. Should be easy with a few cylinders and some Constraints. I talked about the different ways of making vehicles move in this post I made a while ago:

As for how you control these properties, just assign to them using scripts that listen for user input or vehicle seat values.

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The only issue with that is it would have a bit of trouble climbing inclined spaces

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Not really if using actual wheels with proper friction settings. You can sort of do it with something like a BodyThrust too, but keep in mind that it is still a BodyThrust and not a proper moving vehicle so it will do things like fly into the air if it is aiming up and they accelerate!

What would you suggest I use for acceleration?

Just use the properties in the hinges. They have torque, acceleration, and velocity. You can mess with the torque to make it accelerate and brake.

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