Vehicle seat doesn't get input from player

Occasionally the vehicle seat’s throttle and steer don’t change from 0 when the player is on the seat.

In our game Bumper Cars:
The vehicle movement is controlled on the server as we need the players vehicle positions and collisions to be accurate across all clients.
This forces us to rely on the vehicle seat as it has the least input lag.

We’ve played around with the order of creation of our character and vehicle and when we seat them but still every now and then the throttle values of the vehicle seat just doesn’t change with user input.

I don’t know if this should also be a bug report but we need help with finding a work around or solution for this problem.

If you’re instantly making the humanoid sit right after spawning try waiting for a physics step after parenting the character to the workspace and then changing their seat like this

Character.Parent = workspace
Seat:Sit(Character.Humanoid) --no need to use :WaitForChild() etc. since this is a server script

were seating the vehicle 2 seconds after the character loads and it still sometimes doesn’t work