Vehicle Seat System

My goal is to make and script a sort of spacecraft. I am new to vehicles. I have barely started as I am wondering about the vehicle seat. When you sit in this seat, there is a speed bar. In popular games such as jailbreak, there is no speed bar (heli) and you cannot zoom in to first person perspective. What I am wondering is, in cases such as these, is a vehicle seat used or is the character camera just turned into this object, for instance the helipcopter just becomes your character. Like what happens to the player? I am a bit confused about the foundations of vehicles and where the player goes, as well as how this would be scripted.

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Well there is the option of putting the player in Server Storage and turning the vehicle into the player, but I’m sure most games use vehicle seats because it’s easier to keep Roblox’s camera script instead of creating a new one entirely and other reasons. Vehicle seats also gets the W,A,S and D keys of the player with the Throttle and Steer property, which make it much easier for developers to make a control system.

Throttle: (-1 being down, 0 being neutral, 1 being up)
Steer: (-1 being left, 0 being neutral, 1 being right)

Vehicle seat speed bars can also be removed by disabling the Heads Up Display property. It also has an Occupant property, which can act as a variable used to know which vehicle is being controlled by who.

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