Vehicle Seats Broken Since New PlayerModule

Vehicle seats are not detecting throttle or steer input since the PlayerModule update today. Breaking any vehicles that rely on these properties of the Vehicle Seat.


Try to drive one of the Jeeps in the Racing place template. You can’t.

WASD, and xbox input are not working. Have not tested mobile thumbstick but imagine it’s the same issue.



Thank you, I have found what the issue is and am preparing a fix.


Arguably for racing games, this could be considered Critical…

I mean, you’re talking about my game taking a massive hit because “cars aren’t driving.”


Small communities broken != multiple front page games broken and Roblox is on fire.

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Do we have a statistic on how many games are currently using VehicleSeat Steer/Throttle properties for core mechanics? I imagine it would be quite high impact, probably in games such as Work at a Pizza Place, for example.

However since this is only affecting new servers, I can understand that it is not ROBLOXCRITICAL worthy.


Could you provide me with a link to your game to verify that this is the same issue?

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All of my boats have stopped working since they are based on this concept
Plus, I know a friend of a fairly popular game who uses this system to control his vehicles

Studio testing showed Throttle and ThrottleFloat failed to change when giving the game any inputs.

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Likewise, I’m also getting reports from my game that trains are undrivable despite using normal “Seats” - although this may be a false positive and I’ll need to look into it further.

This would be a different issue then, the bug noted above is specific to the VehicleSeat class.

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I know, which is why I’m looking into it to make sure it’s not affecting my game; although I am experiencing GUI-related bugs though. I’ll post those on a new thread if it’s a real issue.

Got it. Yes, you will want to wait for this fix before removing/migrating from your current ControlScript. I will ping you when it’s all clear to do so.

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Yea. Mobile users were telling me the issue because the mobile section of the game didn’t have the old controlscript in playerscripts. Had to update the mobile version to fix that. However my showcase places didn’t have that which is why I discovered the issue.

Testing around with some cars with a friend, at a place that didn’t have the Old ControlScript put in, the cars drove. So, I’m guessing it’s fine now? Still tossed the old controlscripts in just for incase.

I am still experiencing this issue when I create a vehicle and parent it to the character. I attempt to detect Throttle on the Server in a loop and it always returns 0 even when I am holding down the W/UP key.
It appears to happen about 66% of the time or under a certain condition.

Keep in mind that right when I set the vehicle’s parent to the character, I used the :Sit() function of the VehicleSeat on the server to make the player sit on the Vehicle that was just spawned.

The game is R15.
It works in studio, play solo, but NOT in-game?

The issue appears to be that when you spawn a car in the game and sit them to it instantly, a script that works with vehicles does not work properly, resulting in an always 0 Throttle. By adding a wait(1) before the seating, the script appears to have time to load, which results in Throttle working.

You guys might want to resolve this issue even though it is minor.

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