Vehicle wheels shaking and moving randomly for non network owners

Hello, I recently finished my car framework but I noticed that vehicle wheels start doing random things or rotating when accelerating too much but this is only visible to other clients.

The system gives the network ownership to the vehicle driver so I think that’s the reason, the suspension is limited by the vehicle weight part but other clients could have some latency to see the changes done by this weight part, so they just see the normal position without the weight and then the position with the weight

This is the vehicle rig map (I’m also using spheres for the wheels)

This is how the vehicle acts without the weight part (still bugged)


Bumping topic because I still didn’t found fixes, I re-writed the old code but the code was not the problem, I discovered by reading other posts, that the problem here is the latency between the network owner to server and then the server replicating it to the other clients, in that time, the constraints position does not update and causes that weird visual effect.

EDIT: Just noticed that adding more constraints results in more movement from the wheel.

I would appreciate any ideas for fixing it :happy1:

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Bumping again, this may be considered as necroposting but I really need the solution.

Same problem here, this is what is happening;

Not sure how to fix it, if you have any ideas let me know.

That’s not the issue here but I think that it can be solved setting the network ownership to the vehicle driver.

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Oh apologies, but thanks I’ll try that.