VehicleSeat Speed issue

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    I think it’s about time to try to tackle this issue with my cars when it comes to the speed limit in the VehicleSeat.

The issue has to due to the fact that if I set the speed limit to 425 or more, the car can’t accelerate anywhere beyond 360, don’t understand? / get the idea?

watch the video below to understand the idea here.

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    this video will explain/show what’s wrong here
    VehicleSeat Speed Issue - YouTube

after watching the video is there anyway to fix this issue?

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you.

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I saw the YouTube video. Is it your game?

yes/yep it is my game, you are correct on that

Can I see the script for setting the car’s speed?

As @neontaco135 said, please copy the script for that car. As in the video it was only a UI indicating max speed, that can mean nothing if the max speed is scripted differently

I recommend you use the new hinge constraints instead of the old Roblox hinge system. This should resolve your issue. (Btw, there’s an easy tutorial of this on yt)

I tried the (ROBLOX Tutorials I How to Make a Car) with the new hinge constraints in it and it has some problem as your car can drift off sometimes, the car accelerates too fast, and shakes a bit which can make you loss control of the car the faster the car is. So over all rather stick to the old way instead but. Thanks for that tho.

Which it did fix the speed issue but. Like I said there are some issue with the new hinge constraints.

will also solution this just so no-one else trys to come up with other solutions.