VehicleSeats not seating characters

VehicleSeats (and reportedly regular seats) are no longer welding characters to them. This results in your character walking around as you attempt to drive your car.

Reproduced myself on Windows 10.

Expected behavior

Your character should be seated in the vehicle.

This is a high priority issue that is completely breaking my game.


We are experiencing the same issue in two of our games: Drive World and Dragon Adventures

In the following video I set the character’s PrimaryPart to be opaque, and it can be seen sitting on the ground when I teleport the car away.

We are also experiencing a similar issue in our game: Cart Ride Delivery Service

In the first clip the player seemingly gets unseated when a weld is added/removed from the cart, and in the 2nd is simply the player being unseated immediately upon trying to enter the cart. Both issues are either game-breaking on their own, or lead to other things breaking such as car controls etc.

Just using regular vehicleseat connections, via jumping on the seat in my games DIRT League Play & DIRT Freeplay, however I’m needing to get into my seat twice now to be able to drive the car.

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Hi, sorry to hear about these problems.

When did you guys start seeing these issues? Having a clear timeline will help us figure out which change caused this bug.

First report I received about this was at 6:10pm EST (should’ve included this in the op, my fault)

Is that 6:10PM EST today, March 21, 2023?

Yes, this started today just a couple hours ago.

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Great, thank you. We’ll take a look at potential changes that might’ve caused this, and hopefully fix it soon. Again, sorry about this!


We can confirm this was nearly the exact same time we started seeing reports as well, our earliest report being at 6:09pm EST today.

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We just disabled a change that we think might’ve been responsible for these problems. Please let us know if the issue is gone, or if the issue persists!


Initial reports seem to suggest this resolved the issue, thanks!

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This has seemingly fixed the issue on our end as well, really appreciate the quick action.

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Looks good on my end! Thanks for the help!

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