Vehicular Suspension on ROBLOX

Neat little suspension rig. Planning to use it for a racing game where players can adjust settings and upgrade variables of it. Features All wheel independent suspension, and not some pseudo-lever system. Thoughts and review?


It does not really work for me; what am I doing wrong? When I sit in the car and it starts up, the wheels bounce and bend:

Not entirely sure. usually it does bounce at first when it finishes welding, or has the occasional hiccup. Maybe wait a few more seconds before getting in the VehicleSeat, then not pressing anything until it finishes welding. It could also be latency, the game is very intensive at times.

Worked fantastic until I decided to test the button debouncing.

Trust me, The spawner needs nerfing. Have not given any attention to the spawn system really just to devote more towards the truck itself since the spawner is just a temporary facet.

Made some new updates. the wheels should not break anymore. The shock absorbers still do, but fixing that currently and working on game performance.

-Feedback is welcome! -(Beware the spawner’s non-existant debounce)

Doesn’t look like wheels are completely fixed :sad:

mother of god ._. what did you do?

-PS: what did you use to make the gif?

I think driving off the ramp where stone meets dirt might have caused it – I’m not sure.

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I broke the thing thing.

Absorber piston. It’s a physics thing with roblox that I’m trying to work out. Not a big deal because it doesn’t break the actual vehicle, only makes funny things happen.