Vehincle customization

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

How can I make a Vehincle Customization script?
I searched up on youtube and google but nothing :confused:
Any help how can I start to make one?


Well you could try this:

local Vehicle = game.Workspace.Cars.Car1
local part = script.Parent
local gui = game.Startergui.GarageUI.Colour1

–gui appear script

Vehicle.Meshpart.Color =–color combination)

With that said you could costumize the vehicle’s colour.


I want to say that asking an entire script is not allowed, and if you could be able to provide a bit more of information, i might help you more, but first, let’s start with the “textures” data:

So, this is the most easiest part, and the part which i most enjoy, where you create the data for your car textures, so first, i would create a module with all that data:

return { --If you want to find this data from the client, you must set this in ReplicatedStorage, if not, then set this in ServerScriptService.
    ["CarTextures"] = {
        ["Default"] = { --I would set that as a codename, without spaces. Or you can set an id, to be recognized in other scripts.
            ["TextureId"] = 0 --The texture that you will use.
            ["Name"] = "Default" --The name for the texture.
            ["Cost"] = 0
            ["Offsale"] = false

There’s an example of a module, of how i would use it. I think this is usless in this thread, but if you want to make a vehicle customization better, you can use this. If you need more information, ask me, but don’t ask stuff which is hard to do, since i’m not very good at scripting, thanks for reading :+1:


Here Is an quick system I threw up into like 15 minutes:

(Would this be an reference of what you are trying to do? And you can have it, just DM me if you wan’t it.) Place:

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you can use folder for make all the textures values with the prices values and add remote events for like show the Garage and more some remote events for car textures and make a script that can actually change the cars textures and wheels.