Velocity Not Replicating when Part’s Ownership is the Server

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  2. The Velocity property is not replicating to clients, so when a part switches ownership from Server to Client the part is immediately moved using the Velocity the Part had before being owned by the Server. This causes a stationary part being moved by a BodyObject, whose ownership had just been set to the Server, to come to a dead stop immediately once the ownership of the part switches to a Client, since the part was originally stationary, while under control of a client.

  3. This bug happens 100% of the time.

  4. Repro Place:!/about
    Repro Steps:
    a. Simply stand and watch the part come to a dead stop when ownership is transferred to the client.
    b. Also on the Client the magnitude of the velocity of the part is printed every 1/10 of a second, which when the puck is under control of the Server does not change.

  5. Happens in Studio and Online on main website

  6. Effects all games, both PGS and Legacy Physics solvers and on FE and non FE games.

    As you see in the Console the velocity never gets to above like 13, when clearly it is moving at a velocity of 100+

  8. DNA

  9. Started on the Night of Oct. 6th

  10. More videos/gifs can be found on my earlier post found here. Also this bug does NOT occur on Khanovich’s new Physics Interpolation build, however, this bug should still be fixed ASAP on the current build.

This is causing problems for many roblox sport league games as they rely heavily on Velocity of parts and Physic Ownership changes.


What can I do to get some one to seriously fix this? My game has been broken competitively for almost a whole week now and the 5 sport leagues for my game, that play daily, have had to sit idling waiting for this fix to be issued.

Is it challenging to fix? is anyone trying to fix it atm? did I not make it clear enough what the problem is?

I would really appreciate if this was fixed soon.

This is happening to characters too, haven’t heard anything about it being fixed :\

Can I get a confirmation that somebody in the office is working on fixing this? Hopefully before the Weekend? My game’s community is growing restless.

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This is a huge problem for me as well. Been working on procedural animations that heavily rely on velocity, hopefully this will be looked into and fixed soon.

Posted about this issue here as well: Character velocity not replicating with CharacterAutoLoads set to false

Know anything about this @Khanovich?

I found the bug. And I was the one who introduced it while introducing the Beta code. Verifying the fix, and will hopefully get it in this release. Please let me know if this is a problem for anyone else. I can help you bypass the bug by enabling my Beta feature on your game if it is a problem.

See this beta Thread for details on how to get it enabled for you:

EDIT: Definitely got the fix in for next release.


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