Veloxic Empire: Place Update Log v.2.1.0


This serves as an update log for all of Veloxic Empire’s places. Every time there is an update to a place, they will be logged here. Veloxic Empire is a clan that will be focusing on outreach towards the Roblox Community. We want to change the ways of clans and catch the players eye

Veloxic Empire - Roblox.


[VE] Novos Training Facility - Roblox

[Patch | Riverfold Barracks]

Added 6 new maps

I believe I fixed the bug with gladiators where people who died would still appear on the team list gui for switching the order of people. Please let me know in the bug-reports channel if that issue still persists

Fixed a bug where it would say the wrong victory message sometimes

[Patch | Riverfold Barracks]

Fixed the dueling swords
Fixed raid simulations glitching
Fixed Fort Liberal Simulation gate
Fixed dueling glitching when someone was in lobby maps

I am aware of the following issues, to be fixed soon:
With one person left, glads will end
Loading will break and you have to rejoin (will go to like 1000% or be stuck at like 86%)
Sometimes your camera gets stuck in oblivion and a bit later it will fix when a map starts

If/when any of this happens, press F9 and DM me a screenshot of what you see. That would help a lot.

Got some big updates on the way!

[Patch 8.19.1227 | Riverfold Barracks]

If you try to add something to the queue it will give you a warning if you don’t have any weapons selected

Enabling/Disabling certain settings in the customization section of the shop will now save upon rejoining. I will add later the ability to save the color of things like head fire and the multicolor cape.

The respawning glitches should be primarily fixed. If any more issues persist, let me know immediately

Any gladiators glitches should be fixed

[PATCH 8.20.0723 | Riverfold Barracks]

Riverfold Barracks:
Fixed some glitches with people’s rank in the leaderboard
Fixed the side panel not resizing correctly with player’s screen
Fixed the glitch where sometimes giving host would not give map selector

[PATCH 8.21.0922 | Riverfold Barracks]

Remastered the donar staff
Fixed some gladiator bugs with lining up

The crashing problem has been linked to random event when equipping swords. I believe I’ve patched this issue, however if more crashing occurs please contact CrushingDev.

[PATCH 8.23.0857 | Riverfold Barracks]

Fixed loading sometimes glitching the entire server, so everyone’s stuck at 100%
Added a TimeOfDay setting to the map selector
Defaulted the setting ForceField in the map selector to 1 second

Optimized map runthrough. You should see improvement for long queues

Optimized the Gameplay Information as well as the Stratum Overlay to be compatible with various sized screens including mobile

[NEW MAPS | Riverfold Barracks]

Two new gladiator maps!

  1. Cryptic Bridge
  2. Narrowgill now has the game mode Gladiators

[PATCH 8.27.0823 | Riverfold Barracks]

NOTE: The issue with crashing clients should be fixed. It was linked to the swords, however we are using custom swords by KADIS, which hopefully should reduce the issue. Please report any further issues regarding the topic

In royal rumble and free for all you will now see who has the top kills
Some reformatting in the game info display
Hopefully optimized gladiators so that it doesn’t take as much time to load each character in the lineup
There was an instance of the side panel glitching, and where it said the host it said “Loading…” This has hopefully been fixed, however please report it if it does happen again
There is now a give all stratum option in the data GUI

[PATCH 8.31.0235 | Riverfold Barracks]

New loading screen between maps!

Fixed a few loading bugs. Please report any further issues with loading
Fixed game selection breaking your screen or crashing your client
Fixed Royal Rumble causing crashes when there was a tie
Fixed a glitch with map selector where sometimes add to queue would break
Fixed all known bugs with gladiators, as well as improved the efficiency of intermissions and respawning.

New Maps:
Colosseum (FFA, TDM, Gladiators)
Hades’ Arena (Gladiators)
Silvermoor (TDM, Team Swap)

note: thanks to isotomic for getting us a lot of new maps!

[PATCH 9.13.1112 | Riverfold Barracks]

I added three new maps, Mountains of Cordelia, Fort Xandier, and Fort Kroslai. This marks the 100th map at riverfold barracks!
I updated the raid simulation scripts at riverfold so they’re similar to the one’s at Autorias
Multiple stability fixes to the loading screen

[PATCH 9.21.1024 | Riverfold Barracks]

Optimized the loading screen. Should be both stable and lightning fast for now on.
HC1+ once again receieve map selector upon joining Riverfold
Completely re did Raid Simulation scripts to match current GUI systems at Autorias
Completely re did King Of The Hill game mode, now is both unique and stable! Currently dullburg, Meadows KOTH, and Miked’s paintball have this game mode. More maps will have it soon.
Added eight new maps [Snowtop, Crossings, Glacier, Foreign lands, and Alien Island, Meadows KOTH, Crystal Mountains, Ascension Towers]

[PATCH 9.22.0353 | Riverfold Barracks]

Fixed “char” command
Fixed bongo drums breaking mouse
Fixed silvermoor walls
Fixed not recieving any GUI except spectate when you first join

[PATCH 10.06.0150 | Riverfold Barracks]

Fixed the issue where it wouldn’t say a winner
Fixed the issue where characters would sometimes not respawn
Fixed the issue where sometimes player’s would get stuck with the raid simulation GUI

[PATCH 10/19/17 | Riverfold Barracks]

I’ve removed EPIX Admin Commands and instead added Kohl’s Admin Infinite. There have been reports of people crashing, and myself and the team over at KADIS Technologies have concluded that it was most likely due to EPIX Admin Commands. That being said Please report any more crashing in the bug reports channel immediately!

I’m hoping this marks the end of the war between me and crashing clients. Cheers!

[PATCH 10/24/17 | Riverfold Barracks]

Major optimization update.

[PATCH 10/26/17 | Riverfold Barracks]

I’ve temporarily set Riverfold barracks as the starter-place for VE’s games. If the crashing completely stops at this point, it will remain as such.

[PATCH 1.03.20345 | Riverfold Barracks]

As I’m sure some of you have already noticed, Riverold Barracks has been updated. For now on, when you enter, you will be prompted with a screen which allows you to choose whether to go to a training or play automatic maps. This will act as a recruitment game, but will serve also as a normal trainings center.

In order to go to trainings, simply click “Training” in the menu, once you’ve loaded in. If there’s a training happening, you’ll notice that there’s something which will say “ONLINE”. If not, it will say “OFFLINE”.

I’m currently working on bug fixes and improving what I’ve added so far. As the next couple of days go along you’ll see more and more features be added which will hopefully improve your experience at riverfold. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!

Also, I’ve changed the rank names a bit to make more sense, as well as changed the AC ranks. They will serve practically the same, but more information on that later. You will also notice that the numbers required for each rank has been increased. This is because now you are able to train whenever you want, and therefore I adjusted the numbers to accommodate that.

[PATCH 5/12/18 | Riverfold Barracks]

Optimizations to credit handler
Optimizations to stratum handler
Addressed the issue where people would be stuck with the blurred screen
Fixed the asset handler, where you wouldn’t recieve the item you bought

Note: If at any point, you are stuck at a blurred screen, press F9 and screenshot what you see. Post this in the bug reports channel in the VE discord.

[PATCH 5/27/18] | Riverfold Barracks]

Added AFK command (:afk)
Added new riverfold lobby
Ability for hosts to load in a rally and training lobby’s
When claiming host, press the event and automatically shouts in the group.

[PATCH 6/2/18 | Riverfold Barracks]

Adjusted the claim host mode selection gui
Adjusted zoom distance to maximum 60 studs

[PATCH 6/10/18 | ALL GAMES]
Made it so at both forts, there’s a maximum number of raiders allowed, and there’s a 30 second timeout at the loading screen, which if you haven’t chosen a team you are kicked
40 person servers, 25 max raiders

Optimized initial load in
Fixed the new swords
Fixed sprinting with guns
Fixed crouching with guns
Fixed the AFK command breaking everything
Fixed an issue with respawning
Fixed Team Swap sometimes breaking
Fixed animated sword teamkilling
Fixed an issue in gladiators where if the captain left during picking phase, then it would crash
Fixed an issue in gladiators where your screen would stay blurred
Fixed an issue where new joiners to gladiators would fall into the map
Fixed an issue where if there was a TDM with more than 2 teams, and one was eliminated, the map would end
Fixed an issue with the leaderboard sometimes not registering kills/deaths
Adjusted the AFK command allowing admins to afk other players


The Autorias District

[VE] Autorias - Roblox

[PATCH 9.22.0353 | The Autorias District]

Fixed not recieving the team gui
Fixed the screen staying blurry
Fixed the raiders spawn killing them when they tried to get out, even in a valid raid

[PATCH 10.06.0150 | The Autorias District]

Fixed the issue where player’s wouldn’t recieve a sword
Fixed the issue where player’s would spawn and the screen would still be blurry
Fixed all known GUI glitches
Fixed the issue where characters would load underneath the map

[PATCH 10/17/17 | The Autorias District]

Multiple stability updates
You now recieve stratum for kills at autorias. You will NOT lose stratum for deaths

[PATCH 11/22/17 | The Autorias District]

Minor optimization update and bug fixes
-Removed Cards
-Anchored our beloved tower
-Fences are now CanCollide
-Minor terrain optimization

[PATCH 5/31/18 | The Autorias District]

-Updated theme to make it look more “summer”.
-Added a Terminal Building.
-Updated trees & bushes.
-More than one way to term.


City of Trephenon
[VE] Trephenon - Roblox


Arbourous Bay
[VE-GUNS] Arbourous Bay - Roblox

[PATCH 6/2/18 | Arbourous Bay]

-Adjusted zoom distance to maximum 60 studs
-Adjusted sprint to be a toggle on guns
-Adjusted admin roles for the admin commands
-Fixed the multiple kills/deaths bug
[UPDATED AS OF 6/3/18]

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