Venada Handbook


Venada is one of the fastest-growing roleplay cafes on Roblox. Our main mission is to reimagine the cafe industry by designing cutting edge technology that is simple but innovative. From in-game events to our interactive ordering system, tons of creativity is poured into building the most immersive experience. The future is at Venada, and we want you to be apart of it.

Table of Contents

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct aims to uphold our groups ethos which applies to all users - including customers & staff. It has been carefully designed to give users as much freedom as possible whilst protecting our community. Failure to follow through with any of the listed rules below will activate punishment protocols. The encouragement of users to violate our Code of Conduct will also end in the same result.

Roblox Community Standards
As a basis, all group members must follow Roblox Community Standards. Users that infringe any of these rules are subjected to be punished and formally reported.

All users must respect one another; treat others the way you want to be treated. As a cafe group, we aim to promote a friendly and enchanting atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed. Any form of disrespect towards staff or customers will not be tolerated.

Advertisement of your local project, community and/or group for self-benefit is not permitted within any of Venada’s facilities. The Roblox Platform offers a variety of alternative experiences to promote your group such as The Group Recruiting Plaza.

When joining any Venada experiences, please ensure you are wearing appropriate attire. Clothing that promotes any racism, homophobia, sexism and/or anything that can affect a person negatively is prohibited. If you are caught wearing inappropriate attire, you will be given a non-negotiable 2 minutes to change.

Trolling & Exploiting
The action of intentionally attempting to disrupt a users experience at the cafe is regarded as trolling - which is not allowed. Trolling is only authorized to be conducted by a Middle Rank at the training centre for educational purposes. Whereas, exploiting is not authorized at any Venada-related facilities. Usage of a third-party script to gain in-game advantage will result in a permanent ban.

Rank Information
Rank Limit Description
Customer Our customers are the heart of Venada, making up the bulk of our community. Without them the group would not be where it is today. They have joined the group, and show interest in how the cafe works.
Noted Customer Customers who have made a significant contribution to Venada by leaving a legacy; either through development or as a former High Rank. These people are selected by the President - you cannot be promoted to this rank or apply for it.
Partner These are representatives from one of Venada’s affiliations. There are typically 1-2 partners per alliance; varying upon each group. This rank is only used to display representatives at the cafe.
Low Rank
Trainee Trainees are unofficial staff members. They have passed their application, but cannot work behind the counter & serve customers just yet. In order to do so, trainees must successfully attend & complete a training session. You may also purchase this rank.
Junior Barista Junior Baristas are official staff members. They are beginning to learn the ropes of the cafe, as they memorize recipes and learn more about how Venada operates. In order to receive a promotion to Barista they are required to attend & pass another training session.
Barista Baristas have shown dedication at the cafe. Despite having the same responsibilities as a Junior Barista, they are regarded as more experienced because Barsitas have learnt the basics of working behind the counter. They must pass & complete another training session to be promoted.
Senior Barista Senior Baristas have demonstrated sophisticated knowledge, setting an example to other baristas at the cafe. They are now eligible to be recommended for our Intern Program by a General Manager or above. You may also purchase this rank.
Middle Rank
Assistant Manager 30 Earned after completing our Intern Program, Assistant Manager is the first Middle Rank. Whilst being granted supervision duties, they are given some time to adjust to their new responsibilities. These responsibilities include: dealing with disruptive customers, assisting at trainings, and enforcing the Code of Conduct.
Manager 25 Managers have gained an outstanding level of general knowledge regarding Venada; promoted due to their activity & professionalism when carrying out their supervising duties. They are now tasked with the responsibility of hosting at trainings.
General Manager 20 General Managers have demonstrated phenomenal leadership abilities during their time at Venada. Whilst they have similar responsibilities as a Manager, they now have the ability to recommend Senior Baristas for our Intern Program.
High Rank
Director 16 Directors are department officers to their assigned department; in either Staffing or Creativity. As a High Rank, they assist other members of this department to ensure the cafe is running efficiently. As the first High Rank, they are given time to learn the ropes of their department.
Executive Director 8 Executive Directors have gained the necessary experience to become department leads to their assigned department. They are provided with more challenging tasks, whilst delegating more simple tasks for officers to complete.
Director of Executives 4 Throughout their journey at Venada, Director of Executives have actively engaged with challenging tasks and opportunities in which makes them worthy of this position. They overseer their assigned department, whilst maintaining a strong team and ensuring all tasks are completed.
Super Rank
Vice President 2 This individual has been dedicated to Venada for a long time, tremendously helping the group through their department and supervision. They assist the President in overseeing all operations whilst acting upon community feedback.
President 1 The sitting owner and founder of the company. They overseer all operations, making authoritative decisions regarding: group finances, development, departments, and the future of Venada.
Department Information

This department manages Venada’s workforce. Whilst they do sometimes deal with barista issues, they predominantly focus on our Middle Ranks. They are in charge of staff applications, recommendations, and disciplinary procedures upon complaints or the inability to meet activity requirements. If you would like to issue a complaint towards a Middle Rank, please contact an officer of this department.

This department is one of the two which Venada operates on. Creativity is home to the most talented & imaginative staff as they help push new ideas from the community into our games. They also manage our affiliations and host events - such as Community Hour. If you have any queries regarding affiliations, please direct them towards an officer of this department.

Session Timings

Here at Venada, we host several training sessions throughout the day; allowing those who are Trainee-Barista to be promoted. These sessions are hosted at scheduled times by a Manager and on some occasions, our High Ranks. If you miss a session, please do not worry as other sessions are scheduled frequently throughout the day. You may find the schedule listed below according to your local timezone.

June 8, 2024 1:00 PM
June 8, 2024 3:00 PM
June 8, 2024 5:00 PM
June 8, 2024 7:00 PM
June 8, 2024 10:00 PM
June 8, 2024 1:00 AM
June 8, 2024 4:00 AM
June 8, 2024 7:00 AM

Training Tips

  • For a guaranteed spot at a session, please ensure you join the training center at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This is because the main server may become full very quickly.
  • The training session consists of 3 segments: Greetings, Ordering Simulation, and a Trolling Simulation. You will need to pass 2/3 segments in order to successfully pass and be promoted.
  • Grammar is not required, but it is encouraged. As long as your sentences can be easily read, there is no issue in avoiding the application of proper grammar.
Recommendation Process

Our recommendation process creates a gateway for Senior Baristas interested in joining our management team. Please take note that receiving a recommendation does not give you a guarantee position as an Assistant Manager - you must successfully complete the Intern Program in order to rank up. Upon receiving a recommendation, you will be notified by a lead of the Staffing Department to confirm your place at our Intern Program. You will be assigned to a mentor who will guide you throughout the program and during your journey at Venada, checking in every week. Below this paragraph is our AIM (Activity, Individuality, Maturity) qualities for Senior Baristas aiming for Assistant Manager.

Baristas who not only demonstrate activity at the cafe, but also in our Communications Server will have a greater chance of being recommended. In order to get noticed, we advise you to spend 30 minutes daily at the cafe serving customers whilst trying to avoid going AFK (Away From Keyboard). With that mentioned, we are looking for staff who demonstrate consistency within their activity levels. Those who play for 4 hours one day and 0 the next, are less likely to get recommended than those who play for 30 minutes consecutively.

Staying true to yourself is vital. Those who try to look and/or act a certain way to fit in at Venada are less likely to be noticed by a General Manager or above. There is no need to change yourself in order to secure a position as a Middle Rank here; Venada provides an inclusive environment, accepting everyone. By demonstrating individuality, you are showing your self-worth which is an admirable quality to have.

Solving challenging situations with maturity is highly commended especially when dealing with disruptive customers. Those who want a recommendation should know when to remove yourself before a situation escalates. You should also know when to intervene and help dissolve a situation, whilst maintaining professionalism.

Community Hour

Community Hour is hosted every day at June 8, 2024 8:00 PM according to your local time. It is an opportunity for the community to come together at the cafe and have fun. During this time, games will be hosted by one of our Middle Ranks and baristas are encouraged to have a break from serving customers. Not only this, but recommendations may be issued to any Senior Barista who shows dedication and enthusiasm


You have reached the end! Thank you for taking interest in Venada, and reading our handbook. We hope the information enclosed has been useful. If some sections need further elaboration, please contact a Middle Rank.