Venator Class Star Destroyer Corridor

This is one of my first decent models. I’ve been modeling for about two years, but I’ve never actually done much. I’m pretty proud of this. I introduce a corridor section of a Venator Class Star Destroyer from the film, Revenge of the Sith.

This is the image I went off of:

Keep in mind this was all done in studio. I considered using blender, but I thought it would be easier to just go with studio.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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It looks awesome! Maybe lower the neon brightness, a bit? I suggest making it -1000 Transparency and ForceField material, how about that?

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I’ll try that! Thanks for the tip.

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Alright. I made the material ForceField and made the transparency -1000. I also added in some SurfaceLights and enabled FiB.

I also changed the skybox.


that looks wayy better then the original one you made

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Thanks! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I plan to make the corridors lead into the main hangar room. I’ll start working on it soon.