Vendent | GFX Artist | OPEN

Hello there! My name is Diyor and I’m GFX designer. I’ve been working with popular Russian roblox-minecraft content makers since 2017. Also want to improve myself in this kind of design.

Showcase (Maybe will be upgraded)







I use Cinema4D and Octane render. I use Photoshop and After Effects for Post-Effects.

Why me?

I’m experienced hard worker. I have worked with many people and I have experience with a clients. 3-4 years experince in my main software. Also, I always improve my skills in design and I don’t stand still.

Terms & Conditions

  • Depends of diffucult the prices can be changed in my control
  • I can deny any commisions
  • No refunds or chargebacks when work is completed


Commision sheet

What affects the price?

  • Amount of characters and how big the scene is
  • Modeling for your game by myself. For example, if I will build your map, it can affect for a price
  • For speed. If you need your work soon, it can affect for a price
  • The complexity of commissions. Sometimes artwork can be harder and taking up more of time

!!! For USD - MasterCard or Paypal

!!! For ROBUX - Only through Groups! Thanks!

!!! No refunds or chargebacks when paid!

You can contact me on:





Have a good day! :slight_smile:


Great stuff! (I like your Piggy icon far more than the original…) I’ll be sure to contact you if I need any work done :wink:

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Overall great stuff! You have professional lighting and quality within every GFX you make. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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Amazing - great pricing, very fast delivery and extremely thorough in making sure the customer is satisfied.

He can cover many different styles and is fit for about any possible project - also very creative and will deliver masterpieces even with the least detailed requests.

Vendent is easily one of the best GFX Artists I have recently worked with and I’d gladly hire him again.

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Fast working artist that delivers beautiful results, big vouch!!


Great artist, he always makes sure that you get exactly what you wanted and when you want it. He is very experienced and has a great personality. I can only recommend hiring him for any future commissions.

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Great work, very quick and easy to work with. Very impressed with his work.

Very fast communication (no ghosting) and work done quickly and well. Would hire him again.

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Great work and completed everything I needed very fast. 100% would recommend!

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Sent you a request on discord!

I really liked his work, he delivered very fast and with an extraordinary result, I really recommend him and will certainly ask for more commissions.


I’ve had a great experience commissioning from Vendent, I’ve commissioned several times for my game Parasite. He has always been willing to adjust and even redo parts to meet my specifications. Would recommend for anyone looking for high-quality GFX for their games!

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This guy is really affordable and one of the best graphic designers and get things done in a reasonable time! Highly suggest the homie if you need any thumbnails or icons done!

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Incredibly good, he did the job as I wanted perfectly with no problems and is available to make changes if something is wrong.

10/10 recommended

the best graphic designer you can find at these prices

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