[Vendetta] Hiring 3D Modelers

Project 3: Vendetta
3D Modelers

About Us

Hello, we are Serenity Studios, a newly emerged upcoming game studio hoping to bring out the next amazing games here on the platform! We are striving for success and are in the planning phase of our new project, Vendetta, an MMORPG. It will be largely based on the off-site MMORPG Albion Online, with having one of the main game factors, large player war mechanisms, but with our own Roblox-style child-friendly cartoony style to it.

The game will have many different worlds and islands where players can participate in many activities and jobs. There will be clans/armies where players will be able to recruit and work for their army away from the frontlines. I recommend you watch videos on Albion Online, especially war ones, which will show in more detail what this game will be like, however, ours will not be as magic-based, and more weapon-based.

One of our main aims on the development team is to have a very close relationship between our (medium-sized) development and staff team. Therefore we will also be hiring many administrative positions. As well as this we are also very focused on our player-base, and we and putting focus towards making sure we have the staff for when the game does release, we have a strong community that has the support there when they need it.

About The Job

What makes you a “better” candidate?

  • Working inside Roblox development teams before
  • A great sense of humor, here to have an active laugh with the team
  • Ability to speak in voice chat
  • Ability to partake in community events and communicate with the upcoming community
  • 2+ years experience in using 3D modeling software

What are the requirements?

  • Advanced and very experienced in 3D modeling
  • Ability to create up to 5+ models a day on busy days
  • A passion for Roblox development
  • Creativity, and the ability to commit good ideas to the team
  • Strong community engagement and communication skills
  • Strong English speaking skills

What will you do?

  • Make all sorts of 3D models, from small cosmetics such as weapons all the way to island meshes
  • Have a strong friendship with your fellow scripters and your fellow staff members
  • Enter studio and place in models in a way that looks nice and fits with the theme and style of the map


Upon release you, as well as other staff members, will be paid monthly for your efforts, this is assuming that you have been active and actively worked to make the game feel great with your peers. Compensation is 100% based on the game’s revenue and this is an agreement you make upon joining our team.


You must be 13 or older to apply.
To begin the application process, either message me here on the developer forum or message me on Discord (ollie#0605).

Is this not correct for you? Check out our other opportunities!

You really should have just posted this all in one topic, this can be considered spam…

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Sorry about that, it was just a lot of information for each one that I wanted to have spread out! :grimacing:

Hey, I think everyone would love to get some extra details-specifically including these:

  1. How many members does your studio already contain? Specifically any capable programmers/developers that are already working on the project
  2. Clarify payment, specifically percentage between roles.
  3. It seems as if you are seeking a mass hiring of different specialties. What is your role in this project and do you have any prior experience managing studios?

Besides this, your expectations for modelers are insane. 15-20 models could range in size yet each model would reasonably take atleast an hour to complete. If you are seeking people working full-time, bad news, thats not gonna happen. If you are looking for part-time modelers, consider checking progress weekly and lowering the model requirements to 3-4 daily. Overall I would recommend lowering expectations on quite a few aspects for hiring candidates as you really aren’t offering any sort of compensation, rather your developers will be investing their time into you producing them money. I respect the professionalism and very precise expectations you set for your developers whatsoever, just really needs a few edits.

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Hey! Thank your for the feedback. :slight_smile:

  1. The current project contains 2 people, a Core Gameplayer Programmer and a Composer.
  2. Payment is not yet decided, but will most likely be monthly pay instead of percentages, unless everyone working on the project is against that.
  3. I officially call myself Project Lead, which is what I mostly do, lead projects and administration as well as making sure everything is being done to standards, however I will also be making scripting contributions and working alongside 3D Modelers, turning their models into a workable build in the Roblox space.
  4. Thank you for that information, I wasn’t sure how much, however these will range from both large and small models, and I agree to your disagreement with the number, which i’ll change ASAP.

I would love to do this! DM me at Bloxrrey#6063

How much do you think someone would make a month working at your studio. I think this would help people a lot if they were given some sort of range to look at.

No idea, completely depends on how well the game does, but I hope to estimate around 30k a month at the least.

Hi, I messaged you here on the devforums and sent a friend request on Discord. I’m Snaps#1024 :slight_smile:

Hello! I just sent you a Discord friend request a while ago and you didn’t accept, anyway, this is my Discord username / tag.

  • Discord: SharkyBoy#2024
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