Venture Rush [Game Proposal + Current Work]

Hello Roblox players!

For the past couple of months, we at Baby Dragon Spice have been working on a new game we like to call Venture Rush!

About Us:
Baby Dragon Spice is a group I decided to make one day to focus on games that target a younger audience. I lead this group and my expertise lies within programming. frogbob2315 is the other significant figure in the creation of this group and is responsible for all the amazing builds we have in our game.

The Basic Outline:

  • Players will be able to unlock custom characters as they all race through unique obstacle to reach the end.
  • Every time a person touches the end, the countdown time doubles. Everyone will be awarded Exp and Bambinos (currency) based on their progress.
  • Bambinos can be used to unlock characters using a daily shop system or used to buy boosts to help them while they complete the obstacles.

Current Progress + Future Goals:
We aim to publish an alpha version of the game late this month (June 2021) and look forward to its full release at the end of Summer.

While you wait, feel free to look at our current characters:


All models presented here belong to Baby Dragon Spice.

We hope you all can support us on this journey! The link to the game (not yet open) is provided below in case you want to stay informed!

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