Venture Tale - Developer Thoughts b.0.4

Hey everybody! This will (hopefully) be the final update before we release. In the Developer Thoughts for patch b.0.4, we’ll be talking about the new systems and changes as we continue to hone the experience. We’ll also be introducing a new class and a new game mode!


We’ll be releasing a survey for b.0.4 soon after release to hear what you guys think. We’d appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Patch b.0.4

Balance Changes

Down with Commons!
The stats for weapons did not properly reflect their rarity, often only scaling based on its level. This helped Common items become much more powerful as long as they were fused to a high enough Rarity. In an attempt to remedy this, we’ve pushed a number of integrity changes to rebalance the weapon damages all around.

To be honest, there are too many changes to list
In order match the balance changes done to weapons, we’ll be making some changes to enemies as well.

Fire Arrows, Living Flame, and Thunder Stone
Now with more scaling!
We hear the woes regarding these items being underwhelming, especially at higher Rarities. Hopefully these changes allow them to shine like they should.

Perk Buffs
A few perks felt like they had very low impact. We’ve adjusted some numbers slightly so that they can feel a little bit more worthwhile to chase after without upsetting the balance of the game.

Wrapped too Tightly
No longer will you be able to equip both types of Hand Wraps (regular and Leather) at the same time. Sorry!

Late Game Spells
We felt that mages in the late game did not often utilize higher level spells, and often fell behind in damage compared to other classes. We hope to address this by giving higher level spells the same integrity changes we gave to other items.

See our changelogs on our community server for more details!

New Class

Introducing our first new class since the original 14 classes! Hit hard and spin fast with the Greatsword. Unlocking the Greatsword will require Level 20 Hammer and Level 20 Sword. Get ready to shred through large groups of enemies.

New Systems

Endless Mode - We’re introducing a new game mode, Endless! Gain Mystic Stones which will increase your strength even further! Pick up the same Stone more than once to increase its potency. How far can you get?

Venture Pass - This patch, we’ll be introducing the new Venture Pass. You can progress through the Venture Pass by completing Daily and Weekly quests. Receive rewards and cosmetics (we unfortunately do not have cosmetics for the Beta Venture Pass) as you level up.

Extra Notes

Inventory Button Reorganization - We’ve reorganized inventory buttons (as well as introduced new graphics) to make handling your gear feel nicer.

We’ve wrapped up environment and basic enemy design for the new dungeons. All that’s left is modeling and programming for the new bosses. We’re aiming to have the 3rd dungeon done for release!