Verified and Premium text symbols aren't centred properly

The Verified (utf8.char(0xE000)) and Premium (utf8.char(0xE001)) symbols aren’t centred properly in text labels and such, making it look like there is a space preceding them. It is also inconsistent compared to the Robux symbol.

Visual aids using Source Sans Pro (note there aren’t any spaces in any of the lines; Robux symbol is shown for contrast):

Live game:


For reproducing the issue, paste this into a text label:

[] [] []

Expected behavior

The Verified and Premium symbols should be centred properly.


I hope this gets fixed. Was it done intentionally since it goes next to usernames?

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Unsure but I believe it should be centred to make it consistent with the Robux glyph and literally every emoji, but I don’t think Roblox would do it intentionally which is why I made a BR and not a feature request. Having it offset like that makes it look like there’s a space when there isn’t one, and you have to add another space after to make it not look weighted weirdly. :(

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Much agreed, they can just add a space if they need a gap.

Thanks. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


Any update on this?


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Hi - we’re looking at this with the team that controls font rendering to get this repaired. Thanks!


This was done intentionally so that it would display with correct kerning in buttons when placed on the right of some text. Centering wasn’t an expected usecase when the icons were created.

If there’s enough interest, we can add a second variant of each icon that has no padding though, so that it will display centered. The current icons can’t be changed because it would break existing UIs that are assuming the padding is there.

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Hey, thanks for the follow up.

I see, I mainly was troubled by the premium one not being centred so I’ll give my usecases for a symbol without padding:

1- We give users a premium chat tag when they have premium, it looks better compact but because of the spacing at the front of the symbol we have to add another space at the end to even it out.
So instead of looking like
[P][Username]: Hello
we have to space it out like
[ P ][Username]: Hello

This is worsened when you learn we have custom chat tags users can purchase, some are relatively long so this, in addition to the premium symbol, in addition to another chat tag if they are ranked 1-50 on one of our global leaderboards, their name + tags gets quite long. Thus if a symbol with no padding was added, it would cut down on some of the space.

2- In a separate game, we give users overheads which can contain premium symbol, verified symbol, hammer if they’re a dev etc. The issue here is that we add the premium symbol before their name so it does sometimes get offset weirdly.

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