Verified Badge for Groups to highlight authentic communities

Group verification is currently not a feature on Roblox. It is something I have thought about for quite sometime. It will help players determine the official group from duplicates.

This feature will be at the discretion of Roblox as this should only be given to big groups that are often inpersonated by other groups.



As you can see it clearly allows players to distinguish a verified from a normal group. This is nothing but beneficial when it comes to groups. It solves the problems that studios face when other people impersonate them/their studio.

As stated previously, if this feature is considered it would purely be at the discretion of Roblox on which groups get verified. It will mainly be big groups that have a high volume searches.


I think I could see this being useful if there was a way for roblox to easily handle how they decide to verify groups :thinking:

We also have this problem with games


Yes, it could be something similar to Discord’s server verification system, where you’d apply and Roblox would review it, in this case it could be an application on the developer forum.

You can learn more about discord’s server verification system here, just an idea:


This begs the question of what metrics or reasons would a group be considered verified or not… this seems like a nice feature request, but verification should probably not be based on high volume search, but instead if that group is the host of an official game / series of games. i.e. DreamCraft’s group should be verified as the creator of Adopt Me. This could also be confusing since that means just about any game development studio group would want to be verified as the real deal. Just throwing out some ideas for discussion tbh. I like the idea, but Roblox would need some concrete requirements for verification (e.g. group size, high volume searches, ownership of a top game). All of these options are viable, but which one serves the purpose of the feature request?


Well I believe that if this feature is introduced, it should be at the discretion of Roblox on which groups receive it to see if it is useful. Once they see it is worth being a solid feature, then begin to consider things like you have stated like having the chance to maybe apply. But the verification system will probably be quite stern anyway.


Sorry for the necropost, but the need for this is starting to make itself clear.

As Roblox continues to evolve through partnerships with real-life brands, the need for authenticity marking has made itself clear. One such example in the past few days is the new Roblox group, Gucci.
(For those unaware; a few days ago, Gucci was introduced to Roblox with official virtual clothes to use as a form of advertising for the company.)

Furthermore, the group is owned by an account named Gucci which led me to believe it was the real company, although I had to check twitter before I could confirm for myself that it was indeed the real gucci and not some old-user using the official username as Gucci to make a quick cash grab. The official group can be found here:!/about

There are also copies of similar group names using Guccis branding, as seen here:!/about
This is especially problematic as these copies have more members (at the time of writing), and if I were younger, it would be inclined to believe the one with higher members is an authentic brand. Users use a member count as an ‘authenticity’ indicator, which isn’t how it sometimes is, especially for newer startups like Gucci on Roblox.

To finish off, similar platforms like Twitter utilize a verification symbol to mark the authentic brand from the fakes. You could argue that fakes are ‘taken down’, but the problem still remains is that during the period where they aren’t taken down, it can be hard to tell the difference. A permanent marker leads users to the right group at any point in time, which is the main reason for verification.

Roblox should also utilize these tools to some larger groups that are official cooperations/LLCs, such as Badimo, the group asimo owns under the game Jailbreak. If Roblox chooses not to make these available to the public, that is fine as well, it can just be for partnerships or other public groups of interest.


This feature is a feature that is needed now more than ever since more and more corporations are coming to the platform officially.


I’ve seen tons of imitation groups/games and its quite annoying.

Very necessary feature! :slight_smile: