Verify Your Communications Server Account To Roblox

Verify Your Communications Server Account To Roblox

This is a Roblox system I created to link your Communications Server Account to your Roblox account. This system will prompt users to enter there userID into a textbox and will verify through Bloxlink or RoVer where they are linked. If you use Bloxlink it is also per guild so you can specify which guild the account is pulled from.


13 local GuildID = "123456"

27 local Data = HttpService:GetAsync(Server .. UserID .. "?guild=" .. GuildID)
--To Disable Guild Specificity just delete the last part and make it look like this.--
27 local Data = HttpService:GetAsync(Server .. UserID)

Just put the files in the Group Associated with the File Name.

Bloxlink System
Model Link
CommunicationsServerVerification.rbxm (11.9 KB)

RoVer System
Model Link
CommunicationsServerVerificationRoVer.rbxm (11.9 KB)

This System uses the Bloxlink API or RoVer API to check for verification so it’s only accessible to people who use these bot in their Communications Server.

Another thing is the system saves the UserID of the player to a datastore called “Verification” for easy access in other systems. (You can rename it) The Gui will not show up for verified users unless you Remove their datastore.


You could also use

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Updated Post to add RoVer support!

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isnt this kind of thing against the community rules?

y’know that whole ‘no discord in game’ thing

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Im planning to remake this system to where only people 13+ can view or link there discord account in-game. The reason why there’s a rule saying no discord in game that’s because of the flow of underage people who cannot use discord and ROBLOX does not want to promote a communication application for people who are under the age of 13.

I made sure to make no mention of Discord.

How would you achieve this? There is currently no way to check if a user is 13+ or not. (This is a thing, but only CoreScripts are able to access it).

(1) You can’t find if the user is 13+ as that’s PII
(2) that does not excuse you from the rules. You will be moderated.

This system does not mention discord what so ever.

Couldn’t this be achieved by using a filter function and provide a number and see if it’s hashtagged.

You should not be checking if a user is 13+ or not, as Automationeer stated, it is PII.

That is VERY not possible. Even if you could tell if someone was +13, Kids lie about their age to get away from the horrible <13 chat and people who make themselves 4 instead of 14 by accident so that would be inaccurate. Roblox has a policy about discord because of incidents so your game will get moderated

Don’t worry buddy. I already made it where if the kid lies there’s a system that gets the age of the player. It’s kinda like a safe chat system but for accounts

Getting the age of the player? No, no, and no. You are NOT allowed to get a user’s age as that is PII.