Verifying player ID

Hello, i’m trying to make system that verifies if player who clicked on TextButton (In gui) ID’s is 373781098 so far i tryed plr.Name, but these look kinda broken.

If possible, in server script



Is the way to get a players id

allready tryed, didn’t worked “Attemp to index nil with UserId”

That means your variable for the player is nil, so there’s nothing to check the UserId of.

If plr.UserId == 373781098 then

Works perfectly fine in my scripts…

By the sounds of it your not actually getting the player.
Edit: As above said

Well then how to get player id (and name if possible) from text box

You need a textbox, Then a button to confirm, then when the button is pressed you should use a click event, Then see what the text is inside of that textbox.

I’m using button and click event to confirm it like you said but it doesn’t work

You need a reference to the player instance.

local Players = game:GetService('Players')
local Player = Players.LocalPlayer

if Player.UserId == Number then
   print('User %s is an admin!'):format(Player.Name)
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Thanks, but i tought we just need to use plr.UserId in clickdetectors/buttons

MouseClick has a Player parameter, use that instead if you meant you were using one.

You’re saying it’s a TextButton? Then it should be handled by a localscript, that event does not have any parameters.

Here is script i was using, but it didn’t work

local id = 0
id = Plr.UserId

MouseButton1Click doesn’t have a Player parameter, use my example.