Version history reset, old game was "created today"

I was about to publish one of my local saves to my live game. While doing so, I noticed a very old place was in the My places tab, which is usually organized by most recently created.

The place bears the name of an old group for which I was the Head of Development. After noticing this was here, I decided to take a long scroll down my list of games only to find that the game (whose contents I do not recall) had been wiped and made to appear as if it was created today.

Version history was also completely wiped:

Any idea as to why this happened, or if it’s happening to anyone else? Any info would be appreciated!

Edit: As suggested by EchoReaper, here is a link to the place in question: Combat Assault Team - Roblox


Its because ROBLOX takes the date when the place have been published first time on website
-i dont know if the game stores local the date when he was created

u can publish that game in another one and the Created date will be the same
-u just move the data

thats my point of view ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To be clear, this game was not created recently, although the place ID seems to be new.

Uh, this is very interesting to me. A lot of our places randomly got updated today. Maybe this has to do w/ them removing the Filtering Enabled / Experimental Mode thing?

It GREATLY ruined the order in which my ~100 places are displayed in my group

I’m not entirely sure if these places did in-fact have anything prior to being reset, as all the important places still have their contents.

Though the worst part is that I now have to scroll multiple pages down to publish a place in studio (takes like ~30 secs just to load the page so I can publish it now :frowning:


We created start places for all universes which did not have one yet over the past two days. This is part of the effort which also included locking the start place and was done to prevent unplayable universes.


Is this still in progress? I have many other games without a start place.

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