Vertex Count With Character Models

Okay, so - for the past week, I’ve been working on a cute animal roleplay to experiment with a new modelling style I’ve picked up, using Blender.

An example of my model style in game:


An example of my model style in Blender:

When creating my game, I’d like to keep it optimized for unlaggy gameplay, especially for mobile users. However, I would still like to keep the detail of the model.

Right now, all the parts in my models are under 1000 vertices, and most of the parts are under 500.

I’m wondering whether to go lower or higher, to make my game optimized for players.

If anyone could give me an estimate on how many vertices it would take to keep my animal models semi-detailed, as well as optimized for playing as them in-game, it would be highly appreciated! Thank you!


In a preliminary glimpse I’d say your models are fine for performance.

Usually people use face count (aka tri) to reference the performance of the model; more faces to render the bigger the performance impact.

I arbitrarily try to keep my vehicles around 10,000 triangles. Since you are dealing with players, you’ll probably want to reduce this number. This is not a scientific amount and your mileage may vary depending on the use case; but generally the less triangles and the less moving parts the better.

Overall though, nice models!


You’re probably fine, but if you really wanted to get into finer detail, I’d recommend learning how to texture your rigs.

You can get far more detail with a good texture without increasing the number of triangles (the actual count that you should be caring about, not number of vertexes by the way :sunglasses:)


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Cute characters. Consistent look. Nice job.
I moved away from modeling a long time ago and on to other careers, but I can say that it’s possible to make pretty nice looking character models with ~5K polys. Something in that range shouldn’t give Roblox too much trouble. Modern systems can handle a lot of polygons. You’d probably run into issues with the number of characters before the number of polys if you are in that neighborhood anyway. It’s a balancing act really, and more than likely poly count will be among the least of your performance worries. Make something that looks like what you want. Try reducing it down in size as much as you can and still have the look you are after. If you run into trouble later on, start with simplifying areas like the tail or toes or hidden areas like where the head meets the neck and so on. Put the detail in a texture instead of the model if you find you have texture space to spare. Just keep in mind that on mobile the texture space is likely to be a bigger problem than poly count, especially if you are consciously working to keep your models as low as you can get them for your needs.


Thank you everyone for the replies. I really appreciate it! And maybe I will learn texturing. :thinking: