VertexColor-Neon-Issue when Mesh Parented to Model With Humanoid

!! Changed the title after problem got specified !!!
Hello :smiley:
(this might be a bug thus in the wrong category)

I imported a model from the toolbox. It glows (I don’t know why, but it glows^^) as long as I leave it in workspace.
I can parent it to any part I want except models that contain a Humanoid.
Then it looses its glow.
Below is a picture of what I mean. This happened to other models with this glow effect as well.

Does anyone know why this is happening?
Thanks :smiley:

Can you send a link to the model?

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Yes :smiley:
One thing I noticed when I got the links is that the toolbox also shows the models without a glow. However I like the glow :sweat_smile:

The model I posted a screenschot of:

The other model:

It looks like the model gets it’s glow by giving itself a VertexColor higher than 1, making it technically “brighter than white” or “redder than red” in this case I suppose, which, given that Roblox supports HDR, makes it glow like neon.

As for why it doesn’t work with humanoids, I don’t know. It could be that humanoids just don’t have the HDR effect because of an oversight.

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Thank you very much for your efforts :smiley:
I did not know about VertexColor which seems quite useful for the future.
I wish there was a solution to my issue, but I guess your are correct with the oversight.
Still weird that the issue arises even when the humanoid and the glowing mesh are just siblings.

Maybe I will create a separate post regarding this - for now I will consider my problem to be done.
Thanks again :smiley: