Vertical Screen Option isn't Accessible

When playing on mobile, especially when your device is vertical, it isn’t very accessible.

For instance, when zooming in and out, it also moves your character if you’re doing it in the middle of your screen. Secondly, when you’re trying to close out of the app, on Apple, it isn’t very easy to do. Sometimes Roblox thinks you’re moving your character when you’re swiping up from the bottom of your screen. Also, sometimes you can’t close out of the app when swiping up the first time, you have to do it multiple times for it to register that you’re leaving.

While games don’t really use the vertical screen option, there are some games that have that option and it is pretty hard to use when it isn’t very accessible.


@WooleyWool We need a bit more information on the issue, please take a look at this link for a report well written.

Hey @WooleyWool - thanks for the post! Looks like staff asked that you file again, so I’m going to close this out.