VerticalScrollBarInset does not inset at the correct position if the Vertical scroll bar position is on the left

The VerticalScrollBarInset property adds an inset on the right side of the scrollingframe. This is fine if the scroll bar is on the right side of the scrolling frame, but when the scroll bar is on the left side of the scrolling frame the inset does not move to the left, it stays on the right.
In this screenshot there is a verticalscrollbarinset:
In this screenshot there is also an inset but the vertical scroll bar position is set to the left:
The inset is still there, but it should be on the left side now because that’s where the scroll bar is.
This started happening when I was making my plugin and decided to move the scroll bar position to the left.
By setting the scroll bar position to the left and changing the verticalscrollbarinset to always will reproduce this issue.

In this place file there is two scrolling frames both containing a frame with the same size. Both of the scrolling frames also have vertical scroll bar inset enabled. The only thing different about them is that the right one has the scroll bar placed to the left. In that frame you can see the frame is overlapped by the scrollbar on the left, and there is an empty inset to the right.
ScrollBar.rbxl (21.2 KB)


This will be fixed when the scrolling frame changes announced here are re-enabled, sometime on or after May 6th.