Vertyq's Portfolio - Builder and Modeler | Closed

About me

I mainly focus on building in Roblox Studio. I’ve built part-time since 2014 mainly focusing on Semi-Realistic builds (by Roblox standards).
I am quite new to terrain-based builds but I am trying to improve it over time.


Vibe-Themed Homestore build

Small Library/Office build

My starter kit custom made furniture place

Real life Wellington Barracks remake

(Last one is Google image as a reference incase anyone wondering)

Small island hangout place (just used for shadow testing)

Black and white horror game (abandoned)

Could only find one picture since I the original owner of the game lost the place

Some old Mansion stuff made back in 2015-2016

Asylum Styled Clothing-Store

Studio folders

  • and more


Payment depends on the scale/time it took and the complexity of the build.
Payment= Robux transaction from a group
If I finish the build i require at-least 30%-50% of the payment before giving the full build.
(I do this so I could avoid scamming)

Currently I am not doing any commissions as I’m posting this as sort of a requirement for sales!

If i do comissions I am usualy the one who reaches out
Thank you for understanding~